Welcome to the Auckland Walk Challenge 2019

The Auckland Walk Challenge 2019 is fun, FREE and takes place throughout November. What better way to get fit for summer? It is already underway, but you can still join. Click the black REGISTER NOW! button to get signed up, then follow the email instructions.

Your team of 2–6 people will be participating in a virtual walk from Bluff to Auckland. Wherever you walk, just record your steps (or have your fitness tracker do it for you). Motivate your teammates to beat the 7000 step daily goal and achieve a fitter, healthier you.

If the many benefits associated with walking are not enough to convince you, we’ve got a bunch of cool PRIZES to give away, including a weekend getaway for two to Waiheke*.

We’ll be starting with fresh user accounts, so if you’ve done the Auckland Walk Challenge before, you’ll still need to register and create or join a new team.


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