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Welcome to the Auckland Walk Challenge

Entries to the Auckland Walk Challenge 2019 are now closed. The Challenge took place throughout November with teams of 2–6 people participating in a virtual walk from Bluff to Auckland. During the Challenge:

  • Over 5500 people took part in more than 1500 teams
  • Over 750 teams made it from Bluff to Auckland
  • Together we walked 1.1 billion steps
  • Together we walked to the moon and back... and a bit more
  • We averaged over 7000 steps per day


We plan to be back with a Walk Challenge in Spring 2020, another opportunity to:

  • get fit for summer
  • walk and talk with your mates
  • improve your heart health 
  • reconnect with nature
  • feel more part of your community
  • lose a few kilos


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